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The district I am blessed to represent includes the Sherco Clean-Coal Power Plant.

The main points are:

1.  On average: Sherco employs over 350 full time workers and up to 800 during the peak of its maintenance cycle.  AND Sherco supplies steam to a near by paper company that employs over 150 full time workers.  These are good paying, feed-your-family jobs!

2.  The Dayton Democrats are forcing Minnesota to produce up to 30% of its power from renewable sources such as solar and wind. 

3.  The Obama Democrats are forcing Minnesota to reduce the carbon emissions from power plants by over 40%. 

4.  The Sherco Power Plant has meet or exceeded clean air standards.  Leadership from the Beyond Coal ( anti coal ) organization even said that “Sherco is an unbelieveable clean coal plant compared to other power plants around the world.”

So, what does this add up to?

  • Electricity bills will sky rocket
  • Thousands of jobs could be lost
  • No viable plan to replace the power from coal
  • Local communites will lose millions power plant taxes
  • Local citizens will have to pick up the bill for the lost taxes


Recently, extreme environmental groups have moved into town and are waging an all-out propaganda war to shut down the Sherco Plant.  This would cause an economic disaster!

Sherco meets and/or exceeds federal standards for clean air and is spending up to $500 million to make their operation even cleaner!

I am so proud of the people in this district and for the hard work they do and for providing POWER to half of the state.  God bless you!


YES, we CAN make a difference.  There is still time!

How can you help?

1.  Volunteer to help in this fall's election.

2.  Tell others about the war on Sherco.

3.  Donate.  The extreme-Left has very deep pockets and they are spending enormous amounts of money to shut down power plants across the USA. A donation of ANY amount would go a long way towards keeping the fight to save our power plant strong.


Jim Newberger For MN House

14225 Balsam Blvd, Becker MN, 55308 


 First: Know the Facts!

  • The Dayton Democrats are working to close down OUR clean-coal power plant.
  • Last year the Dayton Democrats forced Excel Energy to a %30 renewable standard.
  • The Obama Administration is aiming to shut down up to 600 power plants!
  • Shutting down 600 power plants threatens over 224,000 jobs in the United States!
  • This year the Obama Administration issued the order to reduce CO2 emissions by %41
  • Sherco meets and/or exceeds Federal Clean Air Standards
  • Sherco is the largest power plant in the Midwest, over 2400 megawatts!
  • Sherco produces more power than all of the nuclear plants in Minnesota COMBINED!
  • Sherco employs up to 800 people at the peak of its maintenance cycle!
  • Sherco supplies steam to a nearby paper company, which employs up to 150 people!
  • Sherco bears over 75% of the local property tax burden!
  • Closing Sherco threatens over 5000 jobs in Central Minnesota!
  • The Minnesota Democrat Party passed a 50% renewable energy standard in their party platform. A 50% standard will DESTROY the power industry as we know it.
  • The Dayton Democrats have not presented a VIABLE plan to replace Sherco! 

Second: Tell others !

Sherco provides affordable, efficient and clean energy to over 2.5 MILLION people!
These people need to know! Direct them to this web site!

Third: Join Jim in the fight to save Sherco!

Please donate today!

Please help. Join the battle to save OUR power plant & OUR local economy!




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